After the success of the first 13 episodes of "Family Portraits", Focus on the Family continued producing the drama and renamed it "Odyssey USA". In these first few episodes we find out a little more about Whit's End and meet some of the regular kids around Odyssey. Perhaps the most memorable moment in 1987 is the introduction of Connie Kendall and her employment at Whit's End. We start to see her friendship with Whit develop as he witnesses to her.
Episode Original Airdate Included In Collection
#1: Whit's Flop November 21, 1987
#2: The Life of the Party November 28, 1987
#3: Lights Out at Whit's End December 5, 1987
#4: Connie Comes to Town December 12, 1987
#5: Gifts for Madge and Guy December 19, 1987
#6: The Day After Christmas December 26, 1987