Welcome to Odyssey...

The town of Odyssey... watch one of her beautiful sunrises, stroll down her friendly streets or take a walk around her sapphire-blue lake with a friend. No matter where you go, you will eventually end up at the town's edge where a certain ice cream and discovery emporium resides - Whit's End, a respectable establishment where "kids can just be kids." Whether it's a trip in the Imagination Station, an afternoon in the Inventor's Corner or just a conversation with one of the employees, excitement awaits around every corner. The heart and soul of the shop is its grandfatherly owner Mr. Whittaker. As an inventor, teacher and successful businessman, John Avery Whittaker (or Whit as he likes to be called) has an extensive knowledge of the Bible and wishes to pass this wisdom on to the younger generation. Although Whit is not perfect, as he would be the first to say, he has committed his life to be a witness for Jesus Christ and this mission is evident in everything he does. Come join Whit and his friends through their daily life in this small town as they have an adventure in Odyssey.

New Stuff
5/10/2020:  Added new sagas!
5/10/2020:  Added new collections #68: Out of the Blue and #69: Best Kept Secrets! Added the latest episodes as well!
3/11/2019:  Added new collection #67: More Than Meets The Eye!
7/3/2018:  Added new collection #66: Trial By Fire!
2/2/2018:  Added new episodes and new collection #65: Expect The Unexpected!
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